Services & Pricing

Sometimes figuring out the best type of service to book can be overwhelming. This page exists so you can book your next appointment with confidence and know exactly what the goals and pricing of your treatment will be.

Swedish Massage

  • 30-Minute “Quick Fix”: $40

  • 90-Minute: $105

  • 60-Minute: $70

  • 120-Minute: $140

Choose Swedish Massage if your main goal is relaxation and you prefer light to medium pressure. Swedish Massage utilizes long, gliding strokes  to gently break up knots in muscles. It is the most widely known type of massage, and its primary goal is relaxation and stress relief.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • 30-Minute “Quick Fix”: $40

  • 90-Minute: $110

  • 60-Minute: $75

  • 120-Minute: $150

Choose Deep Tissue Massage if your main goal is pain relief and you prefer firm pressure. Deep Tissue Massage is designed to alleviate severe tension in the muscles and the connective tissue on top of muscles, also known as fascia. It involves long gliding strokes with deep pressure, along with focused trigger point work to break up stubborn knots.

Neuromuscular Therapy

  • 30-Minute: $45

  • 90-Minute: $120

  • 60-Minute: $80

Choose Neuromuscular Therapy if your main goal is pain relief in one specific area of your body, to help recover from injury, or to correct postural imbalances. Neuromuscular Therapy begins with specific strokes to break up adhesions in the connective tissue on top of muscles, followed by intense trigger point work to address deeper layers of muscle. This style of massage is based on neurological laws and pain patterns that explain how trigger points in one area can cause pain in a different area of the body.

Sports Massage

  • 60-Minute: $75

  • 90-Minute: $110

Choose Sports Massage if you are an athlete training for an event or routinely pushing your physical limits. Sports Massage utilizes faster massage strokes and includes assisted stretching to help athletes and weekend warriors achieve maximum performance and physical conditioning.

Prenatal Massage

  • 60-Minute: $75

  • 90-Minute: $110

Choose Prenatal Massage if you are pregnant. Massage during pregnancy not only makes a woman feel pampered, but it also offers undeniable physical benefits as well. It can relieve headaches, enhance sleep, reduce cramps, decrease swelling/edema, and calm an active baby. Prenatal Massage is also a great way to relieve everyday tension and the general aches and pains common during pregnancy.

Oncology Massage

  • 30-Minute: $45

  • 90-Minute: $120

  • 60-Minute: $80

Choose Oncology Massage if you have cancer or a history of cancer. Oncology Massage is a modified massage for those with cancer or a cancer history. All Oncology Massage sessions include a consult prior to your massage, and the actual “hands on” time will depend on the length of your consult. Typical initial consults take 10-15 minutes; follow up consults take 5-10 minutes. These consults provide your therapist with crucial medical information so they can meet your massage needs in a safe manner.

Cupping Therapy

  • 30-Minute: $45

  • 90-Minute Massage/Cupping Combo: $120

  • 60-Minute Massage/Cupping Combo: $80

  • 120-Minute Massage/Cupping Combo: $150

Choose Cupping if you have stubborn trigger points and/or would like to increase range of motion in troublesome areas. We offer this service as a Massage/Cupping Combo or as a stand-alone 30-minute treatment. Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique in which a vacuum is created with cups that are placed on the skin. This suction causes the skin, fascia, and superficial muscle to be drawn into the cups. Cupping loosens the muscle tissue and fascia and can help increase range of motion in stiff areas. You may notice circular bruising following a cupping session, but this is normal.

Full Body Cocooning

  • 120-Minute Full Body Contouring OR Smoking Cessation: $175

  • Must call to schedule. Cannot be booked online.

  • 9 Session Package (Discount of $25 per Session): $1350

Choose Full Body Cocooning – Body Contouring if you want to decrease the appearance of cellulite and scar tissue while improving range of motion. Choose Full Body Cocooning – Smoking Cessation if you want to improve your breathing and minimize nicotine cravings. Full Body Cocooning is a relaxing 2-hour cupping session with a vacuum therapy machine to promote body contouring or smoking cessation. Because the cups are constantly being moved across the skin, clients do not experience the circular bruising that can occur with traditional cupping. Most clients see results after the first session, but for lasting results, a 9-session package is recommended.

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Thai Foot Massage

  • 30-Minute: $40

Choose Thai Foot Massage if you are struggling with tired, aching feet and legs. Thai Foot Massage dates back over 2500 years and treats the lower legs and feet, with focus on acupressure points on the bottoms of the feet. According to Thai work, Meridians or “energy lines,” carry the energy in the body and can be accessed at the feet. Thai energy work on the feet opens the flow and leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed.

Integrative Reflexology

  • 30-Minute: $40

  • 60-Minute: $70

Choose Integrative Reflexology if you would like a focused session for your feet and hands. Reflexology is a therapeutic massage method that stimulates predefined pressure points on the feet and hands to bring the body into balance and promote well-being.  According to the philosophy of reflexology, all organs, glands and parts of the body have representing reflexes on the feet and hands.

TMJ Massage

  • 30-Minute: $45

Choose TMJ Massage if you have been diagnosed with TMJ Disorder or struggle with jaw pain. TMJ Massage is a Neuromuscular Therapy technique that relieves jaw pain associated with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. TMJ Disorder complications can include jaw pain, headaches, tinitis (ringing of the ears), vertigo (dizziness upon standing), and toothaches, but massage can help! This 30 Minute session will include outer jaw massage, intra-oral massage (inside the mouth with gloved hands), and scalp work.


  • 30-Minute: $40

  • 60-Minute Reiki/ Swedish Massage Combo: $70

Choose Reiki if you would prefer a fully clothed energy work session with optional physical touch. Choose Reiki/Swedish Massage Combo if you prefer to combine a light to medium pressure massage with energy work geared towards balancing and relaxing your mind, body and spirit. Reiki is a Japanese word that means “Universal Life Energy” and is also known as “laying on of hands” in Western philosophy. It involves focused energy work that can improve the body’s natural ability to balance itself.

Chair Massage

Serenity Now Massage Therapy offers on-site chair massage services for special events or as part of an on-site wellness initiative to improve employee health and company morale. Chair Massage focuses on areas of common tension, such as the neck, back, shoulders and hands. It does not require removal of clothing, ensuring that you can maintain a professional environment while providing employees or guests a relaxing break.

Pricing is typically $75 per hour per therapist with a $20 travel fee per therapist. 

Cannot be booked online and scheduling is based on therapist availability. Click to Call for an Event Quote

Ultimate Serenity Membership

Monthly Auto Draft Rates:

  • 60-Minute Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports, Reflexology or Reiki/Swedish Massage Combo: $60

  • 90-Minute Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports or Reflexology: $90

  • 120-Minute Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports or Reflexology: $120

  • 60-Minute Oncology Massage: $70

  • 90-Minute Oncology Massage: $100

  • Upgrade to Neuromuscular Therapy or Add Cupping: $10 (due at time of service)