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I have to admit, the massage you gave me was one of the best I have ever had and I’ve been getting massages since 1998!  Your technique and pressure are awesome!!!! I am still feeling great! You really did a fabulous job of working out those kinks.

~Email Testimonial from A. B. following 90 minute session with Danielle

Having discovered the fact that massage is definitely something I deserve, I tried several massage places (thanks to coupons and friends recommendations).  It wasn’t until I found Serenity Now Massage and Danielle that I found a ‘home’.   Danielle knows exactly what I need and I always feels totally relaxed when I leave. The atmosphere is most welcoming and Danielle is always accommodating. Sometimes we talk and laugh, sometimes I practically fall asleep.  I’ve come in with sciatica flares, neck pain, headaches, even flu symptoms.  Thanks to her touch and assortment of ‘potions’ (as I like to call them), all is fixed in 1 hour…truly.  I am now a monthly customer and look forward to that appointment more then anything.  It’s something that everyone deserves.  I highly recommend them.

~Debby P, Ultimate Serenity Program Member

I wanted to take a minute to share the awesome experience I had yesterday with Sharla. After running my first marathon in Chicago this past weekend I was in need of a massage to loosen up a few tight spots. Sharla was able to fit me in with short notice. I was actually not looking forward to the massage as I thinking it was going to be somewhat painful but a necessary evil on the road to recovery.

Sharla did an incredible job working on the problem areas and it was so not painful and relaxing I actually nodded off for a minute or two. After the service she shared some stretches and yoga poses that would help continue to loosen up the overworked areas too. The quality of the service ranks up there in my top 1-2 massage experiences. Can’t wait to come back and to begin including some sports massages to my pre-race training plans as well.

~Email Testimonal from Greg Polek

Jules is a really great Reiki master. She is calming and relaxing. She is nice to everyone. Jules is a very special person. I like going to see her.

~Jack, 8 Years Old

In nearly two years as a monthly client at Serenity Now I have experienced an impressive and unique balance of economy and relaxation at every visit.  Each time I have experienced a high-quality, relaxing, and professional massage without the unnecessary overhead or inefficiencies of a spa.  Staff members are each very talented, respectful, and knowledgeable.  I also appreciate that the online scheduling option makes appointments particularly easy to make, reschedule, and remember.  Moreover, Serenity Now’s monthly plan is a terrific deal; I have paid far more for far less at other places.


John Magers helped me out so much with my stress induces upper back and neck pain with the neuromuscular massage treatment. I feel better already! John explained what he was doing every step of the way. I am SOLD and going back for more treatments.

~Scott Moore

Serenity Now Massage is awesome. Their massage therapists know what they are doing. Some even have physical therapy backgrounds with really helped while I was rehabbing my shoulder. They are very professional and the atmosphere is very relaxing. I highly recommend.

~Lisa Squatriglia

I highly recommend Serenity Now Massage Therapy. As a business professional that travels by car and by plane my body takes a beating. Let’s face it as our bodies get older we don’t recover as fast. For me, the solution has always been Danielle at Serenity. I have watched her business grow over the last several years and it is because of her work ethic and commitment to her clients. The best thing you can do for you, is treat your body right and to do that you have to take care of yourself first, that’s what I am doing and I hope you are too.

~Stefanie Josephson

I had a wonderful experience a couple weeks ago. I had a bad crick in my neck and shoulder blade for several days and decided to call last minute on a Saturday morning to see if I could get at least a 30 minute quick fix massage. They had a couple openings which was great. My therapist was Aida Sajuthi. She was very warm and welcoming. She worked my troubled area thoroughly and with the right amount of pressure. I felt great afterwards. I will definitely make another appointment with Aida in the near future!

~Jennifer Ashford

This place was great! Aida really listened to what I needed and focused on problem areas. I love that they were able to fit me in last minute and that they have Sunday hours. They also sell some organic homemade aromatherapy products which is nice as well.

~Jessica Olsen

I have been under a tremendous amount of stress lately.  I cared for my aging mother for the last 16 years and she just recently passed away before Christmas.  Now I have a bunch of legal and estate stuff to deal with.  Also on my job I am standing 8-12 hours a day.  I keep a lot of tension in my shoulders, lower back and feet.

I called and scheduled an appointment with John.  He had me come in to do some paperwork since this was my first visit and asked me about my needs and goals.  I told him all what was going on with me and the areas I was in need of.  He was very attentive and focused on my needs.  I told him that I sometimes get back spasms and sure enough I did as I was turning over on the table.  He had me turn back so he could address the issue.

I never had a Swedish massage before and I don’t think I was so ever relaxed when he was done.  I could barely get dressed and when I left the parking lot I made a wrong turn cause I was still in “la la land”.  The music was so relaxing and the whole environment was just great.  The rocks in the sink in the bathroom was the coolest sink I have ever seen!

John was awesome and I’ll definitely be booking another massage real soon.

~Tommy Taylor

I have been to many massage spas and wellness centers over the years. Serenity has proven to be one of the best. I received a 90 min Swedish massage from Danielle. What was exceptional was the fact that at no time did the treatment feel rushed or lacking in attention. Danielle demonstrated how very knowledgeable she is in her craft, however, while being extremely professional was also personable. I highly recommend Serenity to anyone who wants to step out of the reality of the real world and immerse yourself in moment of time for yourself.


In 2013 my physical therapist referred me to Danielle, massage therapist and owner of Serenity Now, while I was undergoing treatment for a SI/piriformis/tailbone injury. Danielle is highly educated, skilled and trained so it did not take long for me to completely trust her work in helping me to heal from that injury. I have continued with Danielle on a maintenance program, and she effectively addresses any issues. I am a long-time athlete, and after passing the mid-century mark, maintaining a higher level of exercise has been more difficult. But with Danielle’s help, I can continue to play! I have seen Danielle’s business continue to grow because of her professionalism, community involvement, ongoing education, and exceptional service to clients, which is always evident by her care and concern.


I had a WONDERFUL massage yesterday with Sharla!  Everything was perfect …. from the warmth of the table, to her perfect pressure, to the calm, quiet beauty of the room and the most beautiful uplifting but calming music.  I awoke this morning feeling well and rested.

~Susan B.

Serenity Now is by far the best massage studio that I have ever been to…and Danielle the best therapist. I came to Serenity Now with severe headaches and neck pain. Even after my chiropractic visits, I wasn’t seeing enough long term results. So while I do enjoy a massage, for me it was definitely a matter of health. I was nervous because I knew that the massage I needed would be a “real deep tissue”. The last massage that I had at a salon left me sore, even bruised. After my massage with Danielle, I knew that I wasn’t going anywhere else. I left and made a promise to myself that no matter what coupons came across my emails, Serenity Now would be the only studio for me. Danielle is so experienced that when I recently had surgery she suggested scar therapy massage. I would only trust her to do that and I am continuing with it. Bottom line is Serenity Now is a great value, it’s easy to schedule, and it’s the best massage with the best and more importantly skilled therapists. I don’t like to share too much, because everyone that I have recommended have become consistent clients and they like to take my appointment spots. I am booked through the end of the year and I will be starting on 2014 soon.

~Tara W., Ultimate Serenity Program member

Of all of the Physical therapy, Voltaren, and the work that you did on the right S-I (myofacial release) pain, the thing that made it better was primarily the massage. So now I know that just like my neck, when it flares up I probably don’t need to spend a fortune on doctors and physical therapy. All I need is to let you know… 🙂 THANK YOU!

~Lynn S

I have been going to Danielle at Serenity Now now for close to a year and participate in her Ultimate Serenity Program. I have had neck and lower back problems for years and have always gone to a chiropractor, but since getting regular monthly massages from Danielle, I no longer have to see my chiropractor. Serenity has a very relaxing environment and I can say hands-down Danielle is the best masseuse I have experienced – I have traveled around the world and been to many luxurious resorts and Danielle beats them all!

~Cindy J

I started going to Serenity Now Massage Therapy about four months ago when I began having some flexibility problems at the gym. My upper body muscles were so tight that I couldn’t even get into certain positions to do strength training in proper form. I started getting a massage every two weeks at first, then signed up for their monthly program. It has been incredibly helpful! I really can’t believe how much better my muscles feel. I’m so thankful to have my flexibility back. I’ve even noticed a difference in my posture. I honestly never realized the benefit of regular massage – not sure how I lived without it! It’s well worth the money. I LOVE Serenity Now, and I routinely recommend them to friends and family, including my husband who is also a monthly customer now.

~Alicia K

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