Sandra Stewart is a national board certified naturopath with 20 years of experience. She explained homotoxicology and the concept of allowing our bodies express and release toxicities instead of simply covering up symptoms. Sandra also shared some practical tips for anxiety including how to do a “vagus nerve reset.”

Her naturopathic practice, Life-Thyme Solutions, is a safe space in Cornelius, NC designed to help and support a wide variety of life traumas both physical and mental, through natural and holistic methods. She will be offering $75 off of an initial consultation with the code SERENITY. Appointments can be made online at Her “Be The Healer” and free morning routine courses are available through her website as well.

How to Complete a Vagus Nerve Reset for Anxiety – When you are feeling an anxious you can lay down with your hands behind your head and look straight at the ceiling. Without moving your head having your eyes move all the way to the right as far as they can and hold for 30 seconds. Look back to the ceiling and then take your eyes all the way to the left and hold for 30 seconds. Your eye muscles may shake a little or have a difficult time holding but do the best you can. With your hands you can feel a muscular movement on the base of your skull each time you move your eyes to the left or right. This movement helps to reset the Vagus nerve. If you’re in a meeting and can’t lay on the floor, simply close your eyes for a moment, keep your head straight and move the eyes to the left and right while they are closed.

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