Are you addicted to busyness?

In Episode 38 of “Serenity Now with Danielle” (my first recording in 11 weeks), I challenge you to think about whether or not you are “addicted to busy” like me. I know I was and I wore it like a badge of honor. It was part of my identity.

I’ve made a lot of changes over the last year in regards to work-life balance. I stopped networking and saying yes to every social invite at the end of 2018. In June, I stepped back from my role as a weekly talk radio show/podcast host and only recorded new shows sporadically as I felt inspired. But it wasn’t until I stepped back from my role as a massage therapist here to just run Serenity Now as an owner that my work hours decreased to a traditional 40-hour work week.

And as I suddenly had more time for myself, there was an epiphany moment … I was unconsciously using my busyness as an avoidance strategy. Underneath everything, there were buried emotions I didn’t want to acknowledge. And as long as I was busy, there was no time to feel those things. Slowing down and creating space allowed my repressed anger and insecurity to bubble up. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t fun, but I needed to feel those not so pleasant emotions to release them.

What are you unconsciously avoiding?

Allowing yourself to acknowledge and feel the things you hide from the world (and yourself) is a beautiful thing – because then you can move forward. You transition into a better version of yourself.

There wasn’t a script or outline for this episode. And while the perfectionist in me thinks it would have been more polished if I’d followed a plan like I used to, it’s raw and real. Just me and the mic and my thoughts on how I began the process of undoing my addiction to busyness. How I began releasing my repressed anger and insecurities. If you think you might be “addicted to busy,” I hope you’ll give it a listen and start creating space in your life to release whatever lies buried beneath the surface.

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