If you are feeling exhausted and wondering if you’re experiencing burnout, I encourage you to listen to this week’s show. I discuss some of the signs of burnout, share practical tips for overcoming it and reveal how I have implemented the same tips to find better work-life balance.

The ironic thing is that as I was preparing for this show, I realized that I am still working through a bit of burnout myself and needed to continue scaling back my commitments for my own work-life balance. So, I made a big decision this week. While I have loved being an on-air host radio with WSIC, I am stepping down and will be producing the Serenity Now show on my own as a podcast instead. This will give me more flexibility and I will be able to record when I feel inspired versus being committed to a weekly show schedule.

I have a guest lined up at the end of June and we will record that show at the station, but otherwise, the rest of my shows will be produced on my own schedule … from my closet because that’s the only place I can hide from my cats so they don’t meow mid-taping. Seriously. My closet seemed to work just fine though.

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