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Ep 16: Turning tragedy into purpose – HD Life Foundation, Charity Spotlight

This week I spotlighted a local non-profit, The HD Life Foundation. I interviewed Debbie Dalton, who has experienced incredible tragedy. Her son, Hunter Dalton shockingly overdosed from recreational drugs laced with illicit fentanyl in 2016. She has since turned pain into purpose and now educates others about the dangers of recreational drug use through the HD Life Foundation. To learn more about The HD Life Foundation, visit thehdlife.org/. Debbie is available for group presentations of any size and they are currently seeking hole sponsors and raffle prizes for their upcoming golf tournament fundraiser, March 23rd. Follow Danielle: Instagram - www.instagram.com/joyfulrising Facebook - www.facebook.com/joyfulrisingwithdanielle Follow Serenity Now Massage Therapy: Instagram - www.instagram.com/serenitynowLKN Facebook - www.facebook.com/serenitynowLKN

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Ep 15: Want to keep your New Year’s Resolutions? Find your “why”

Rob Bennett owns and operates a few lake related businesses and is beginning a journey in empowerment speaking and mentoring with his new company, Disputelogic based out of Davidson, North Carolina. We discussed New Year’s resolutions, vision boards, meditation, gratitude and the importance of determining your “why” of what drives you in life. To learn more about Rob and his endeavors visit www.facebook.com/disputelogic. Follow Danielle: Instagram - www.instagram.com/joyfulrising Facebook - www.facebook.com/joyfulrisingwithdanielle Follow Serenity Now Massage Therapy: Instagram - www.instagram.com/serenitynowLKN Facebook - www.facebook.com/serenitynowLKN

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Ep 14: Integrative Medicine, A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Health

Dr. Russell Greenfield is the Medical Director of Novant Health's Integrative Medicine Clinic. He shared how integrative medicine has impacted him personally and explained this mind-body-spirit approach to health. Integrative medicine combines conventional western medicine with nutrition counseling, physical activity recommendations, mindfulness practices, and other complementary therapies like massage, traditional Chinese medicine, Tai Chi, acupuncture, and yoga therapy. If you are currently undergoing or have recently completed cancer treatment, call 704-316-5222 or visit www.novanthealth.org/integrativemedicine for more information on Novant Health’s Integrative Medicine Clinic. Follow Danielle: Instagram - www.instagram.com/joyfulrising Facebook - www.facebook.com/joyfulrisingwithdanielle Follow Serenity Now Massage Therapy: Instagram - www.instagram.com/serenitynowLKN Facebook - www.facebook.com/serenitynowLKN

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Ep 13: Overcoming loss and getting “unstuck” in life

Dr. Damon Silas is a Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotist, Wellness Coach, Author and Speaker based out of Cornelius, North Carolina. He shared his story of pursuing psychology after being impacted by the loss of his sister from homicide. We discussed current trends in trauma treatment, including movement towards natural interventions and mind-body connection. I share how CBD Oil (Hemp Oil) helped me wean off pharmaceuticals and Dr. Silas shares a bit about tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques). We also discuss how meditation, positive affirmations, and being present can help you get “unstuck” in life. Learn more about Dr. Damon Silas at damonsilaspsychology.com/, email damon@TippingPointWellnessLLC.com or call 704-781-7117. Social Media Links – Instagram: @DrSilas_Psychology & @DrSilas_Books; Facebook: @DamonSilasPsychology & @FromMourningtoAction Follow Danielle: Instagram - www.instagram.com/joyfulrising Facebook - www.facebook.com/joyfulrisingwithdanielle Follow Serenity Now Massage Therapy: Instagram - www.instagram.com/serenitynowLKN Facebook - www.facebook.com/serenitynowLKN

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Ep 12: Unleash your best life and move past mental blocks

Chris Villani is a Performance Strategist and Owner of Performance Coaching Unleashed based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. He specializes in working with athletes and business leaders. Listen in for Chris' take on life, failures, goal setting and how to move past common mental blocks. Learn more about Chris at www.performancecoachingunleashed.com/ or his LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/chrisvillani/. You are also welcome to email him at info@chrisvillani.com or call 704-574-9443.

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Ep 11: Life After Divorce – Rebuild, Reinvent & Reemerge

Hilary Porta is a Life Architect, Mindset Ninja, Disrupter, and CEO of H Porta Coaching & Consulting based out of Mooresville, North Carolina. While she coaches many high-level executives and entrepreneurs, her passion is helping women "rebuild, reinvent & reemerge" after divorce. I shared a bit about my two divorces and we discussed the importance of finding yourself outside of the identity of a relationship. Learn more about Hilary at www.HPorta.com, email her at hilary@hporta.com, or call 704-491-9161. Women experiencing separation or divorce are encouraged to check out her closed Facebook group "Life After Divorce" at www.facebook.com/groups/Reemerging/. Follow Danielle: Instagram - www.instagram.com/joyfulrising Facebook - www.facebook.com/joyfulrisingwithdanielle Follow Serenity Now Massage Therapy: Instagram - www.instagram.com/serenitynowLKN Facebook - www.facebook.com/serenitynowLKN

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Ep 10: Charity Spotlight – Little Smiles

Margi Kyle is the North Carolina founder for Little Smiles, a local non-profit that gives kids the chance to be kids during difficult times. Nurses and social workers submit wish fulfillment and other requests to Little Smiles on behalf of kids in their care. Wishes come in all sizes, but Little Smiles never turns down a request, and at least 93% of funds donated are used for granting wishes to local children and their families. Visit littlesmilesnc.org/ or to learn more, volunteer, or to make a difference with a donation. You can also contact Margi directly at mkyle@littlesmiles.org or 704-661-5223.

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Ep 9: Are stress and perfectionism impacting your health?

Christine Williams is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Transformational Health & Life Coach, and Owner of Shine Wellness in Concord, North Carolina. We touched on the hormonal impact of stress and discussed how any lifestyle change requires a mindset shift. Perfectionism is one of mind games we play with ourselves but it does little to propel us towards positive change. Listen in for some self-care tips and then visit shine-wellness.com/ or call 704-634-8128 to learn more.

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Ep 8: Counseling & “Talk Therapy” Misconceptions

Geaneen Moore is a Licensed Professional Counselor based out of Matthews, North Carolina. She provides individual, family, and group counseling to those with mental health struggles. We discuss some of the misconceptions about therapy and the importance of self-care. Follow Danielle: Instagram - www.instagram.com/joyfulrising Facebook - www.facebook.com/joyfulrisingwithdanielle Follow Serenity Now Massage Therapy: Instagram - www.instagram.com/serenitynowLKN Facebook - www.facebook.com/serenitynowLKN

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Ep 7: Is chiropractic care right for you?

Drs. Landrus & Cepeda Carter, Owners & Chiropractors at Growing Tree Chiropractic in Mooresville, NC and I discuss how chiropractic adjustments can decrease chronic pain and improve your mental state. Fair warning though…we get a little nerdy discussing the science behind our parasympathetic (“rest & digest”) and sympathetic (“fight or flight”) nervous systems. For more information, visit www.growingtreechiro.com/, email gtcchiro@gmail.com or call 980-689-1893. Follow Danielle: Instagram - www.instagram.com/joyfulrising Facebook - www.facebook.com/joyfulrisingwithdanielle Follow Serenity Now Massage Therapy: Instagram - www.instagram.com/serenitynowLKN Facebook - www.facebook.com/serenitynowLKN

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