Jim Weiner - LMBT #15358

Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy

at Serenity Now Massage Therapy in Cornelius, NC

"The Premier Therapeutic Massage Studio of Lake Norman"


Jim is currently a Teacher's Assistant at NC School of Massage in Cornelius, NC.

He is excited to be working with Serenity Now, a group of professionals marked by their cooperation, joy, a sincere desire to help others, and the know-how to bring healing to their clients. He is a graduate of NC Massage School, trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and certified in Clinical Neuromuscular and Structural Bodywork. He earned a BA and MA in Theology and was part of a spiritually aware community at his college. Aware of his Creator, he was trained in incorporating spirituality into healing: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

In his words: "As a survivor of sexual trauma, I am very aware of the sacredness of each person in their body and spirit. I always respect the sacredness of each person when I work with them, with special awareness of how much other survivors need touch that is healing. With my own history, I know that being a survivor of sexual assault can make it difficult to trust someone to touch one’s body. I am always respectful and aware to always intentionally provide nurturing touch to every individual.”

After working as a teacher, and then working in the corporate world, Jim knew he had to find a place of occupation that was a calling, not simply a paycheck. “To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.” - Robert Louis Stevenson

Jim has always been interested in Massage Therapy, even so far as massaging his mom’s feet for a dime a minute as a small child. He desires to use his training, compassion, and intuition to serve each and every individual with their healing, health and well-being. He is energized when an individual has decreased stress, decreased pain, and experiences relaxation from his work with them. “For it is in giving that we receive.” - Francis of Assisi

His mission in his words:

“My mission is to be a source of healing to others. I believe that receiving massage therapy can benefit a person’s body, mind, and spirit. I am dedicated to using all my abilities and focus to work together with each client to promote their participation in this powerful healing process. My education and experience in teaching also assist me in my service to educate individuals in bodywork goals and home self-care to continue their health and healing. As an expert communicator I seek to customize every session with every client, to make it a collaborative event where we seek together to meet their goals and needs. With my own history of surviving sexual assault, I am especially aware of always being respectful to the utmost and always intentionally providing nurturing touch to every client.”

Jim is a Certified member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) and is fully committed to both continual personal growth and continuing education as a massage therapist. He has volunteered for about 7 years in total with various non-profits and other organizations in Charlotte, including RAIN and Presbyterian Hospital. He enjoys time with family and friends, playing the guitar, learning new songs, and anything and everything outdoors.

“Only in the giving of oneself to another, does one find true fulfillment.” - Unknown

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