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Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique in which a vacuum is created with either plastic suctions cups or glass cups that are then placed on the skin. With glass cups, the suction is created by inverting the cups over a small flame; however, the flame is never used near the skin. It is simply a means of creating the suction and heat. Once the suction has occurred, the cups can either be left in place or gently moved across the skin. This suction causes the skin, fascia, and superficial muscle to be drawn into the cups. It is the opposite of massage in that instead of applying pressure to muscle, cupping uses gentle pressure to pull them upward. Cupping loosens the muscle tissue and fascia and can help increase range of motion in areas in stiff areas. You may notice circular bruising following a cupping session, but this is normal.

We offer this service as an add-on to other massage therapy treatments or as a stand-alone 30 minute treatment.  

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